Cape Town, South Africa
D.O.B: 25 December 1994

Immigrated to South Africa from the UK with his family, Luke got his first taste of kitesurfing in early 2005. He quickly established himself in the South African kitesurfing scene as the little enthusiastic kid always ready to go – a day wouldn’t go by where you wouldn’t see Luke out on the water regardless of the conditions. Even at a young age he had an influence over the market and was knowledgeable about all the intricacies of the equipment. Having turned professional in 2011 with a focus on Wave Riding and Strapless Freestyle, Luke is 6 x National Wave Riding Champion and still competes both locally and internationally. His passion however was always with design and R&D to provide feedback to the brands on how to improve the equipment which lead to him having a big input in the growth and development of the sport. Luke is building himself a reputation for being an ultimate waterman being proficient in freestyle, wave riding, surfing, standup paddling and foiling. He is also adding value to brands through his photography and videography where he documents his explorations.