Rock Climber
Cape Town, South Africa
D.O.B: 9 May 2001

David put on a harness for the first time in 2007 when on a camping trip in the Cedarberg with his family, the moment he stepped off the ground he was hooked and knew it was going to become a huge part of his life. When he is not actually out at a climbing location he will be found either at one of the local indoor climbing gyms(Bloc 11 or City Rock) or watching videos about climbing. He has been very active in encouraging others to get into climbing and from his first year at high school brought renewed energy to the school climbing club where he quickly adopted the role of team captain and coach. “Spiderman” as dubbed by Team South Africa when attending the Youth Olympic Games in 2018(first time rock climbing was listed as an Olympic sport) has a resume of top results longer than some of the climbs he has conquered. Other than looking forward to getting the opportunity to travel and compete in international events, David is keeping his skills focused for the Continental Championships which will be the qualifier for the South African team to go to Tokyo 2021.  David’s enthusiasm for the sport has lead him to coaching members of the Junior National team and being the official route setter for the Boulder league, he helps in the Western Cape Climbing events to assist with teaching technique to disadvantaged kids in both bouldering and lead climbing. David spearheaded fundraising for “Rocklands” – a predominant climbing area in the Cedarberg during the lockdown to assist with alleviating some of the financial pressure experienced by the local farm workers.


Brief career highlights:
• 2020 Overall Runner up African Continental Championship(Tokyo Olympic Qualifier)
• 2019 Rockmasters SA Boulder, Gold
• 2018 Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires
• 2018 Lead Nationals Open and U17, Gold
• 2017 World Youth Championship, Innsbruck
• 2017 African Continental Championship, Gold
• 2017 SANCF Boulder Nationals Overall Winner
• 2016 World Youth Championships, Guangzhou
• 2016 SANCF Lead Nationals, Gold (Captain of WC Youth team)
• 2015 World Youth Championship
• 2015 SANCF Boulder Nationals, Gold