Through a number of years of our own athlete career experience and event management, we have gained valuable insight in to the sponsorship sphere which carries many similarities to athlete sponsorship when it comes to proposals, measurable return on investment and the importance of building relationships.

We have noticed that there isn’t enough information freely available for aspiring athletes to educate/guide them on how to approach a sponsor and really understanding what it takes and means to be sponsored. We hope to use our own past experiences as well as utilising our contacts in the sports marketing space as well as some top athletes both past and present to share their knowledge with you to better equip you moving forward in your particular sport when you are considering approaching a sponsor.

Through a number of posts, we will cover topics like:
How to approach a potential sponsor – are you and the brand an easy fit for each other.
Importance of relationships in sponsorship – growing with the brand and creating longevity.
Working with media – both personnel and platforms.
Building a team around you – even an individual sportsperson is not alone.
Know your value – the balance between needs & wants.
Why have an athlete manager – what they do to assist the athlete
Others to follow include: planning for life after competitive sport, psychology in sport and parting ways with a brand as well as a few personal experiences from various athletes.

Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message and we will always try our best to assist or you may have a topic that we can explain that will assist/inform other athletes as well.