Sponsorships are nothing without relationships, we at OneMovement Management pride ourselves in the relationships we build with both our athletes and network of brands. We build these relationships through respect and honesty, never over promising and always striving to over deliver.

Every athlete is unique, we focus on the individuals brand and needs in order to set a plan to best benefit the athlete. Assisting the athlete in understanding and achieving their full value whilst competing as well as creating longevity within their sport after their competitive career.

We use a boutique approach to tailor our offering for each athlete with services from brand development, marketing, contract negotiation and planning for after sport. We also source professional services for training and conditioning, financial and legal advice when required.

Reality is, the lifespan of a professional athlete is relatively short, we want to ensure the athlete and brands reap the rewards at the peak of the athletes career whilst also considering financial security for the athlete after sport.