Sponsorships are nothing without relationships.

We focus on the individuals brand and needs in order to set a plan to best benefit the athlete.
Assisting the athlete in understanding and achieving their full value by looking at opportunities beyond their competitive career.

We use a boutique approach to tailor our offering for each athlete with services from brand development,
marketing, contract negotiation and planning for after sport.

We also source professional services for training and conditioning, financial and legal advice when required.

Meet the Athletes

Amber Fillery


Dylan Wichmann


Luke Mcgillewie

Kite Surfer

David Naude

Rock Climber

Luke Moir

Mountain Biker

Matt Healy

Ultra Distance Trail Runner

Michele Macfarlane - Blind athlete

Blind Athlete

Josh Johnson


Tyler Jacobs

Mountain Biker

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New athlete

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coming soon...

New athlete

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