Amber Fillary

Free diver
Cape Town & Germany
D.O.B: 11 April 1972


Amber is a World Record Holder for the longest under ice swim with breath held in the female category (no fins, no diving suit), swimming a total distance of 229 feet under 34 cms of thick ice at sub-zero temperatures!

Above the water, Amber has had a lifelong battle with addictions and depression. Free-diving coming into her life has mentally and physically assisted her in getting on top of these challenges. Amber looks to be a positive source of inspiration to others by sharing her story and continuing to break records – showing nothing is impossible.

Career highlights:

• Holds the South African women's record for breath hold of six minutes 

• Holds the South African women's record for dynamic no fins dive of 135 meters.

• Presented with National Colours for free diving.

• Guinness World Record holder

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