#KOF2014 Momentum PumpTrack

During the week 4 – 13 July, Knysna was invaded by thousands of visitors all eager to get involved with the many different events on offer as part of the Knysna Oyster Festival. One of the activations that ran all week was the Momentum PumpTrack, being free the track saw over 1000 people signing up to ride with many of the kids hanging out the entire duration of the day from nine till five!

The track kept everyone amused, from some top riders to the tiniest of toddlers, the ages varied drastically from 3years old to 65years young! We had the whole family riding – moms, dads, sisters, brothers and even grandparents. There was an array of different products ridden on the track: scooters, BMX, jump bikes, downhill bikes, cross country bikes, skate boards, roller blades and even plastic kiddies push bikes.

There were some very high speeds with the fastest recorded time clocking in at 8,20 seconds to get around the track! With high speeds(and some slow speeds too) came some spectacular wipe outs! Nothing serious other than some grass stains, a few grazes but mostly bruised egos from falling in front of a large audience!




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