Jerry’s Big Air in association with WOO Sports

Saturday 9 January 2016 saw the first kitesurfing event of the new year take place. It is always promising when you arrive at a kitesurfing event(which obviously needs wind) at 7am and the wind is already blowing, but I dont think anybody really knew what we were really in for during the course of the day!

Jerry’s Burger Bar had just opened their new branch across from the popular KiteBeach in Tableview and what better way to introduce yourself to the Kitesurfing community than host a Big Air event. WOO Sports, a GPS device that measures number of jumps, height and airtime co sponsored the event to help put up a hefty prize purse of R10 000 for 4 divisions to battle it out to see who could launch the highest! Along with the support of RedBull, the event saw 76 competitors taking to the water and air as they flew across the sky in wind conditions that steadily built throughout the day reaching up to 35knots providing for a thrilling final much to the delight of close on 400 spectators during the course of the day.

The contest was judged on the competitors highest single jump. Height of jumps which was measured by the WOO Sports system. Combined during the day there were was an incredible total of:
2364 jumps
11,77km of total height
1h43min of total hangtime

Huge props need to go out to the ladies and juniors who despite being very nervous about the conditions still went out in the heavy winds and put on a spectacular show for the crowd. The day saw “personal best” heights being set by many of the competitors as well as first place in each final setting the highest jump of the day for their respective divisions.

Junior Final
Ross-Dillon Player 17,1m
Djebbe Hiscock 14,2m
Aron Rosslee 13,7m

Ladies Final
Lisa Videira 8,4m
Emmie Ruddock 7,2m
Michelle Hayward 7,1m

Seniors Final
Lanral Ruddock 18,8m
Sebastien Cattelan 16,7m
Martin Bjornsson 16,6m

Open Final
Oswald Smith 20,7m
Erik Volpe 20,1m
Gustav Mostert 19,0m

After the contest a number of international professional riders were boosting huge jumps including five time World Champion and defending RedBull King of the Air Champion Aaron Hadlow who set an outright World Record of 24,8m!

Thanks again to Jerry’s Burger Bar, WOO Sports, Van Hunks Boarding and RedBull for making the event possible and to all the competitors and spectators for making the day festive!

Photo: Steven Smuts – SnapSport Media

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